Globis Inc., incorporated in 1997, is Philippines’ leading innovative and experienced provider of color management solutions for diverse fields of applications where color is critical to the success of their brand, identity, and business. Its market leadership lies in the successful implementation of its projects and customer satisfaction generated. The company strongly believes in building strong relationships with their customers, thus the statement “your color solution partner” is stressed in our daily business undertaking. Globis segregates its color management solutions into 2 major areas of emphasis, (a) Graphic Arts, Digital Imaging & Printing, and(b) Industrial Color & Appearance.

Graphic Arts, Digital Imaging & Printing

Globis provides integrated solutions including large-format & superwide printers, scanners, paper & inks, color measuring instruments, color management software, consultancy & training serving the Graphic Arts, Digital Imaging & Printing segment which includes advertising, design, photography & fine art, prepress, medical, paper, publishing, offset commercial printing, offset/flexo/gravure packaging, signage, architecture & mechanical CAD, animation & video.

Industrial Color & Appearance

Color reproduction is equally very critical concerns of many other industries such as textiles & garments, plastics & metals, food & pharmaceutical, inks & paints, electronics & semiconductor, furniture & interior design, automotive. Globis has the knowledge in these industries where color control are implemented to ensure product quality, authenticity, appearance, problem identification and solution. Often colors are described in very general terms that often gave rise to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. But with color communication methods, these often repeated misunderstanding between clients and suppliers are significantly minimized, if not eliminated.